No editor should be an island—no matter what video editing software they use. Break down content silos and deliver content faster with media asset management and shared storage solutions that work for a hybrid Media Composer-Premiere Pro workflow or all-Premiere Pro workflow. 


Better collaboration and asset management

The MediaCentral | Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro makes it easy to access clips and sequences across MediaCentral and Adobe databases for editing. Seamlessly import and export master clips in a Premiere Pro-supported format and edit on the spot. Simplify the media asset management process and enable the entire video production team to be more effective.
View of cuts and sequences

MediaCentral and Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn what you can do with the MediaCentral Platform and Adobe Premiere Pro

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Demand more from your shared storage solution

Combining Adobe Premiere Pro with the Avid NEXIS storage solution unleashes unprecedented capacity and performance. Enable hundreds of users to collaborate, connect, and share media in real-time.
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Experience the Adobe-Avid integration

The integration of Adobe Premiere Pro with Avid NEXIS and MediaCentral removes the barriers to collaboration and productivity on video production teams. Editors and video contributors can now orchestrate their video production workflow as they wish.
Adobe Premiere Pro project

Overview of the Adobe-Avid Integration

Take a first look at the workflows between MediaCentral, Avid NEXIS, and Adobe Premiere Pro

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