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Second Annual ACA Vote


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Avid Customer Association (ACA) membership mean?
A: ACA membership means:
  • Access to the ACA Portal: The place to chat with ACA leadership, gain insight into Avid’s direction and strategy, develop new skills and gain access to exclusive videos from Avid Connect events. 
  • Influencing the future of Avid products and services by giving ongoing structured feedback 
  • The opportunity to meet and collaborate with other industry leaders at in-person events 
  • Impacting the direction of the media industry by helping address industry challenges and opportunities, such as the ACA Vote!

As a member, you can access the online portal here.

Q: Do I have to be a registered member of the ACA to vote?
A: No, the ACA invites its current and new members to vote in this unique opportunity that Avid gives the community. Since this is a vote of the ACA community, however, participating means you will automatically become a member. You will receive an email granting you access to the ACA Portal after submitting your vote.

Q: Who came up with the ballot categories and items?
A: The candidates on these ballots represented feedback and requests from across our community in recent months (ACA leadership, ACA members, online forums, market data, industry analysis, Avid’s product teams and more), and existing items carried over from the inaugural vote. The categories included spanned across Avid's workflow solutions, the products that make those workflows possible, and emerging areas.

The ACA Executive Board of Directors, the governing body charged with the oversight of the ACA, has taken the time to review all of the items included in each ballot, as well as the categories themselves in great detail.

Q: How many workflow solution categories can I vote on?
A: You can vote on as many workflow categories that apply to you. Please note, if you select more than 1 workflow, you may receive multiple product ballots as there are some products that play a key role in several different workflows. We ask that you vote on the product ballots for each workflow solution category you select, as you might have differing priorities for a product based on the workflow you are applying them in. If you select more than 1 workflow solution category, you will be given the subsequent workflow solution ballot after completion of the preceding ballot.

Q: Why was I directed to a different platform for the "Emerging Trends & Technology in Media" Ballot?
A: At the end of your ballot, you will be directed to the Emerging Trends & Technology in Media ballot, which is being underwritten by Devoncroft (Broadcast & Media Technology Market Research, Strategic Consulting, & Analysis). This is a short section and completion is required for your vote to be counted.

Q: Where can I find the results from the most recent vote?
A: Result from the second annual ACA Vote can be found by logging into the ACA Portal and clicking on the Vote tab. Here you will find the full vote report, which Avid's Product Leadership updates the status of periodically. If you are not yet registered for the ACA Portal, click here to join.

Q: How many rounds of voting will be included this year?

Round 1 CLOSED
(full candidate list, plus write-in opportunities)
Round 2 CLOSED
(top results from Round 1, no write-ins)
Results April 6-8, 2018
Live at Avid Connect in Las Vegas

Q: If I only vote during Round one will my vote count?
A: Yes. You may participate in Round 1, Round 2 or both. Your feedback is critical and will impact the outcome in either round. The top results of Round 1 will be moved to Round 2 in order to concentrate the energy on the most important items, making Round 1 a longer ballot, while Round 2 will include fewer items in general.

Q: What is the difference between the Round 1 and Round 2 of voting?
A: Round 2 of voting will consist of the top results, plus the applicable and trending write-ins from Round 1. Round 2 will serve as a way to concentrate the energy on the top priorities for the community.

Q: What happens to my vote if I write in a custom response in the “Ballot Write-in Opportunity” field?
A: Trending ballot write-ins (multiple respondents writing in the same request) will be incorporated into Round 2 of voting.

Q: What if I want to change my vote after I submit it?
A: You may only vote once and it must be completed in one sitting, so please take your time and remember to answer the questions as thoroughly as possible.

Q: Will my vote be anonymous?
A: Yes

For any additional questions, contact ACA support.

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