Avid Certified Support Representative: Pro Tools | S6

The Avid Certified Support Representative: Pro Tools | S6 certification is designed for industry professionals and Avid Channel partners seeking to validate that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to install, maintain, and troubleshoot Pro Tools | S6 hardware and software components to fully harness its power.

Attaining ACSR: Pro Tools | S6 certification demonstrates a strong understanding from a technical perspective of the Pro Tools | S6 system, as well as how to apply advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting techniques. As an ACSR: Pro Tools | S6 you will gain access to Avid's senior support team and will be connected to a worldwide community of Avid Certified Support Representatives.

Support Representative pro tools S6


ACSR: Pro Tools | S6 certification provides:

  • Industry recognition of proven expertise as a technical professional who understands how to install, troubleshoot and support the Pro Tools | S6 system
  • Access to the ACSR technical community for peer to peer communication
  • A certification logo to add to marketing materials, websites, business cards to differentiate yourself and your organization
  • Entry in Avid's Certification Registry accessible via the Find a Certified Professional online listing, as well as a Certificate of Achievement


Other associated Avid certifications to consider to further demonstrate your mastery of Avid’s audio product range includes becoming an Avid Certified Support Representative: Pro Tools, Avid Certified Expert: Pro Tools | S6, and Avid Certified Support Representative: Avid VENUE | S6L. Visit the full range of Avid Audio Certifications for more information.


What do I have to do to be certified?

Certification is granted solely based on passing the ACSR: Pro Tools | S6 certification exam. Course attendance is optional, though highly recommended.

How do I prepare for the certification exam?

Successful candidates will have extensive experience with Pro Tools | S6 hardware and software, as well as a working knowledge of Pro Tools.

Although course attendance is not required to take the certification exam, Avid strongly recommends candidates take the ACSR Pro Tools | S6 System Support (PT430S6) course. This course provides a real world “out of box” experience in installing and configuring Pro Tools | S6 hardware and software components from the ground up, building the skills and competencies required for certification.

Is there any information about what is covered on the exam?


A certification exam study guide is available for every ACSR exam. For more information on what’s covered on the exam and to help you assess your own readiness to sit the exam, please download the ACSR Pro Tools PT430 S6 Exam Study Guide.



Where can I take the exam?

The exams are offered via Avid online proctored “office hours” sessions and Avid Learning Partners. Contact your local Avid Learning Services team for details on exam locations and schedules.

How much does certification cost?

All prices, including the cost of the exam and the recommended courses, are set according to currency values in specific countries and regions. Contact a member of your local Avid Learning Services team for details.

What do I have to do to maintain certification?

Once you have made the investment to become an ACSR, maintaining your Avid Certification enables you to show your skills and capabilities are current, and provides you with access to the wealth of premium level technical content made available to ACSRs. You’ll also be able to participate and benefit from interaction with peers within the global ACSR community. Recertification does not mandate training attendance, but Avid’s blend of classroom and online recertification training make it easier and faster to maintain your ACSR status. Contact a member of your local Avid Learning Services team for the latest details.


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