NX420 ACSR Avid NEXIS System Support (ISIS ACSRs Only)


This is a blended learning course comprised of 7 hours online content and 2 days classroom.


The ACSR Avid NEXIS System Support (NX420) course is designed for individuals who are already highly experienced with Avid ISIS hardware and software.

The course focuses on the installation, administration, and architecture of the Avid NEXIS system, learning to connect, configure, and troubleshoot the system. Lab work and exercises give students practical experience in integrating systems and applying troubleshooting techniques.

This course prepares candidates for the Avid Certified Support Representative for Avid NEXIS certification exam.

Course attendees must have completed the online content prior to attending the classroom training.


This course is designed for Avid Certified Support Representatives for Avid ISIS.


Attendees must have held active Avid Certified Support Representatives for Avid ISIS status within the last 12 months.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and understand Avid NEXIS hardware components
  • Use Avid NEXIS hardware and software
  • Describe Avid NEXIS system architecture
  • Use the Avid NEXIS Management Console
  • Create and manage Storage Groups
  • Create and manage Workspaces
  • Create and administer User accounts
  • Understand network fundamentals
  • Describe Avid NEXIS Network topologies
  • Understand Avid NEXIS configuration and performance
  • Perform Avid NEXIS system installation
  • Configure Avid NEXIS System Director Resiliency
  • Understand the use of external switches
  • Perform basic Avid NEXIS troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Be ready to sit the ACSR Avid NEXIS System Support certification exam


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