Maestro | PowerWall

Studio screens powered by Maestro PowerWall video wall controller

Bring dynamic storytelling to your studio

Maestro | PowerWall—the next-generation Maestro | TD Control—is an innovative display control and management solution that makes it easy to present, manage, and control rich media across multiple high-resolution studio displays and in your studio space. Captivate viewers and bring excitement to your studio, news, or sports production with real-time graphics, video, augmented reality content, and live data feeds—all from a single touchscreen interface. And with new support for the Maestro | Engine rendering platform, you gain better performance, plus the ability to add HDR and IP workflows to your production.


Maestro_PowerWall_video wall control

Manage multiple high-res studio displays with Maestro | PowerWall

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Maestro TD Control video wall controller in studio

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RFD TV using Avid graphic solutions for broadcast

RFD-TV—real time graphics to air with Avid Solutions

Product highlights

Interface of Maestro PowerWall video wall controller
  • Bring visual excitement to your broadcast
  • Manage multiple displays with ease
  • Streamline your control room
  • Get to air faster and easier
  • Video walls are playing an increasingly important role in studio production, enabling you to not only change the look of your studio, but introduce dynamic, high-res and HDR content to captivate audiences too. Maestro | PowerWall combines video and graphics processing in one solution, so you can manage, control, and display rich media across an unlimited number of display surfaces in real time—at Ultra HD resolutions and beyond.

  • Maestro | PowerWall puts complete command over every video wall in your studio at your fingertips, all from a single touchscreen. Easily manage an unlimited number of display surfaces, regardless of aspect ratio, size, shape, or resolution. Map content quickly and accurately to different video walls. And with dynamic preview, which automatically toggles between different multi-viewer displays, you can even control and monitor multiple devices.
  • No need to manage separate video processors, clip players, and real-time graphics systems. Maestro | PowerWall combines all into one solution, minimizing costs, complexity, and studio footprint requirements. It integrates seamlessly with your existing control room workflows and devices. And it works with any type of display, making it an easy and cost-effective addition to any broadcast environment.
  • Maestro | PowerWall includes unique pre-production tools that enable your team to respond immediately to last-minute production changes and quickly be ready to air—without relying on external resources. It features a sleek new touchscreen user interface that’s simple to use, making it easy for a single operator to control and play a symphony of rich media across all of your video walls and studio displays. And with direct MOS-less MediaCentral integration, you can connect teams together and find the assets you need to get to air even faster.