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The industry’s most comprehensive media workflow platform

Whether you’re a team of two, an organization of thousands, or anything in between, MediaCentral accelerates media production. This scalable, open platform offers a powerful suite of creative tools, media asset management, and the ability to tailor and expand its capabilities, enabling teams to collaborate from anywhere, using any device. Boost team efficiency with powerful Newsroom Management, Production Management, and Asset Management tools and control. Streamline your operation. Create better content faster. And deliver to more outlets and platforms to maximize your brand’s value and media.

For News

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For post

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MediaCentral Highlights

  • Collaborate more effectively
  • Adapt the tools to your workflow needs
  • Get proven reliability and security
  • Accelerate production from planning to publishing
  • MediaCentral makes it easy to connect teams in the studio, in the field, and at home together, enabling more efficient collaboration and access to projects, tasks, and media from anywhere, using any device. From planning and assignments, to tracking tasks and topics, its story-centric workflow keeps teams connected. And its unified web interface gives teams workflow consistency from any computer, enabling the same capabilities in the studio and when working remotely.
  • Both scalable and modular, MediaCentral can be as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be. Start with a choice of video editing, logging, media management, graphics, and newsroom tools, then add the apps, services, and third-party connectors you need to handle your unique production workflow. Plus, the flexibility to deploy on premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid configuration makes the transition to the cloud painless.

  • Your media and metadata are your most critical assets. MediaCentral offers the infrastructure safeguards and automated media sync and backup required to ensure business continuity. And it provides the security you need to keep your production environment up and running for 24/7 peace of mind, with reliable performance to maintain the most demanding schedules.
  • For over 25 years, more broadcasters and post facilities have relied on Avid media management than any other solution. MediaCentral leverages the same proven and reliable workflow technology, optimizing it for today’s high-volume, fast-turnaround content demands and dispersed teams and site locations. Teams get the media access, creative efficiency, and insight they need to collaborate effectively, while organizations get the 24/7 peace of mind Avid solutions bring to your operation. 


Explore the forces that shape the media, news, and entertainment business

Explore the forces that shape the media, news, and entertainment business



See how your newsroom can enable remote collaboration in the cloud


Expand your news coverage while cutting costs with MediaCentral | Stream

Discover how to expand news coverage while cutting costs with MediaCentral | Stream

What’s new in MediaCentral

Enable business continuity with MediaCentral | Sync

MediaCentral Sync web

Downtime is not an option in an “always on” production environment. MediaCentral | Sync makes media backup easy, flexible, and reliable. Fully integrated with MediaCentral | Production Management and Avid NEXIS, it enables up to eight on-premises systems to sync together and automatically replicate assets between systems. Any system can be the backup of another, protecting against storage and database loss. Simply dictate what media and metadata get backed up—as well as when, where, and how often—using the administration console.

Gain financial flexibility with a subscription—NEW

MediaCentral is now available through a subscription model

MediaCentral can now be accessed through a subscription, enabling your organization to move to a more optimal business expense model and pay for only what you need. This makes it easy to adapt quickly to changing production requirements and optimize spend for each component based on its usage, which can be changed as needed during your subscription.

Find more content with smarter search—NEW


MediaCentral Search capabilities have been enhanced to be “smart” enough to understand the different rules across different languages, improving search quality, so you can find more content. With updates to the English, Chinese, French, and German analyzers, it enables better results when using keywords that contain possessives, grouped characters, elisions, diacritics, and more.

Streamline remote live production

MediaCentral _ Stream IP contribution

Expand your broadcast news, sports, and live remote coverage while cutting costs. MediaCentral | Stream is a new software-based MediaCentral service that enables teams to ingest multiple compressed IP streams directly into your Avid production environment from anywhere. Capture from more contribution sources. Move live content between remote locations with ease. And edit media while capturing it for ultra-fast turnaround. All without changing your workflow.

Connect Adobe users into your workflow

Search for and access platform-managed media directly in Adobe Premiere with the MediaCentral | Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro

MediaCentral makes it easy for Adobe Premiere Pro editors to create and collaborate on projects as easily as those using Avid tools. Search for and access media locally and remotely in Premiere with the MediaCentral | Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro. Share projects, media, and sequences between Adobe and Avid teams. And get peace of mind with the reliable project and media management MediaCentral provides.

See what you can do—NEW

Collaborate efficiently with the Collaborate app

MediaCentral Collaborate

From planning stories and assigning resources to cover different events and angles, to setting tasks, tracking progress, and being notified, the Collaborate app keeps everyone informed and connected wherever you go. It unifies the news gathering process with a story-centric workflow, giving team members better visibility into assignments and resources available across multiple locations and departments. And with the container view, broadcast and digital teams can view everything—as well as collect and link media, stories, and graphics to assignments—all in one place.

Integrate directly with ENPS, Octopus, and OpenMedia

Window of Associated Press Newsroom Computer System with MediaCentral platform

MediaCentral tools can now be used with ENPS, Octopus, and OpenMedia Newsroom solutions, enabling teams to collaborate remotely and produce content faster for both broadcast and digital outlets. Integrate Avid NEXIS storage, Maestro graphics, and/or FastServe video servers to take further advantage of the added MediaCentral workflow acceleration, providing the most efficient end-to-end newsroom solution—without changing your NRCS.