MediaCentral | Stream

MediaCentral Stream

IP stream contribution into Avid production environments

Expand your coverage while cutting costs with a powerful IP stream ingest solution for broadcast news, sports, and remote live production. MediaCentral | Stream enables simple and reliable remote contribution, enabling multiple compressed IP streams to be ingested into your MediaCentral production environment from anywhere. Capture from more sources. Move live content between remote locations at much lower costs. And edit media while capturing it for ultra-fast turnaround. It’s the easiest way to add IP contribution to any Avid production workflow.


MediaCentral-Stream GUI
  • Streamline remote live production
  • Capture and monetize IP contribution
  • Shorten turnaround time
  • MediaCentral | Stream makes it easy to bring remote live feeds into your production. All you need is an Internet connection. Record IP streams from cameras, OB vans, mobile devices, news agencies, and other sources directly into your MediaCentral production environment in the same way you ingest live SDI feeds. It’s ideal for bringing in content from teams reporting on location, in the field, and from home into your production, whether on premises or in the cloud.
  • With the ease and cost-savings of sending feeds over the Internet, IP contribution is increasing at a rapid rate. With MediaCentral | Stream, you have a flexible, easy-to-use software solution that lets you capitalize on this growing wealth of material. Not only does it enable your organization to provide broader coverage of more stories, it opens up new content and monetization possibilities while cutting resource requirements and costs.
  • No need to wait for feeds to finish recording. You can jump right in and edit media while it’s being captured, enabling teams to turn around breaking stories faster. You can even share new footage and highlights immediately to social media, your website, and other digital platforms—while the recording is still going—to beat your competition and drive more traffic to your broadcast and other properties.