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What's New in Pro Tools

March 25, 2021

Pro Tools is always getting better with new features and included gifts from our partners. And with an active plan, you get them as soon as we release them. Take a look below to see what's new.

Pro Tools 2021.3 (March 2021)

The latest Pro Tools release brings you enhancements for both music and audio production, including Big Sur support for Intel-based Macs. In addition, all subscribers will now have access to two new plugins from IK Multimedia.

Pro Tools adds support for macOS Big Sur

(All versions)

With the latest release, all flavors of Pro Tools software, as well as Pro Tools | Carbon, Pro Tools | HDX, and Pro Tools | HD Native hardware can run on Intel-based computers running macOS Big Sur.

Review Big Sur support

MacOS Big Sur

Shred, mix, and master with Amplitube & T-RackS by IK Multimedia

In partnership with IK Multimedia, we’re giving all Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate 1-year subscription holders two versatile plugins at no additional cost. Get the sounds, feel, and vibe of legendary guitar and bass amps, speaker cabinets, stompboxes, racks, mics, and more with AmpliTube 5 SE. Then mix and master your sound with a collection of analog-modeled compressors, limiters, EQ, reverb, tape echo, and other digital processors in T-RackS 5 SE.

Watch the video on Amplitube

Watch the video on T-RackS

Amplitube and T RackS by IK Multimedia

Type musically

No instrument keyboard? No problem! You can now use your computer’s QWERTY keyboard to input MIDI with the onscreen MIDI keyboard, so you can play notes, compose melodies, and welcome inspiration whenever it strikes—all by simply typing.

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MIDI keyboard in Pro Tools

Keep everything in Sync with Pro Tools | Sync X

Pro Tools 2021.3 provides support for Pro Tools | Sync X, our new precision synchronizer for audio post production. Sync X delivers near sample-accurate frame edge alignment between video and audio, extensive I/O and format support, and a double resolution clocking design.

Learn more about Sync X

Sync X

Pro Tools 2021.3 release notes

In addition to support for macOS Big Sur, the new Virtual MIDI Keyboard, and Pro Tools | Sync X, Pro Tools 2021.3 features enhancements for music and audio post production, including Dolby Atmos improvements.

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Pro Tools 2020.11 (November 2020)

The November release of Pro Tools 2020 includes new features and a dramatic new Dark theme to your studio. Power music creation with Audio-to-MIDI capabilities, Melodyne 5 essentials, and Pro Tools | Carbon support. Streamline Dolby Atmos and game audio workflows. And venture to the dark side with a sleek new interface theme.

Discover the power of the dark side

(All versions)

Now you can choose between light and darkness to meet your visual needs or preferences. With the new Dark theme, Pro Tools takes on a more dramatic, modern look and feel that’s easier on the eyes—especially in lower light conditions. It’s ideal for mood-lit studios and late-night sessions. Or for those simply looking for a sleek little change of scenery.

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dark theme in Pro Tools

Convert audio to MIDI

(Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate only)

Wish you could re-pitch notes, play with the timing, or even change the instrument in an audio file? With new Audio-to-MIDI capabilities, it’s a simple affair. Just drag and drop an audio clip to an instrument or MIDI track, and Pro Tools analyzes and renders all pitches and timing as MIDI note data, ready to be edited or revoiced. It not only works with melodic material, you can convert percussive and polyphonic recordings too, opening up more new ways to create.

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convert audio to MIDI in Pro Tools

Change pitch and time with Melodyne

(Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate only)

Pro Tools subscriptions and Software Updates + Support Plans now come with Celemony Melodyne 5 essential at no additional cost (a $99 value!), making it easy to fix bad notes, hold out good ones, tighten up grooves, or even rearrange the melody. With natural-sounding results. Perfect vocal and instrument performances quickly—or get more creative with them—using the core toolset. And have an easy, affordable path to more pro versions as your needs grow.

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change pitch and time with Melodyne in Pro Tools

Get hybrid power with Pro Tools | Carbon

(Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate only)

Pro Tools intelligently integrates with Pro Tools | Carbon, providing the smoothest recording experience all in one creative environment. With the Hybrid Engine, you can offload real-time AAX DSP plugin processing to Carbon at the touch of a button, while your CPU handles the rest of your mix. This means you can dial in effects chains for individual monitor mixes and hear yourself perfectly in time with the music—without any audible latency—as you record.

Explore Carbon

hybrid engine in Pro Tools Carbon

Export Dolby Atmos ADM files directly

(Pro Tools | Ultimate only)

Say goodbye to all the tedious time spent bouncing Dolby Atmos mixes to ADM (Audio Definition Model) files in real time for delivery. With Pro Tools | Ultimate, you can directly export and import ADM files to and from Pro Tools in faster-than-real-time offline mode, greatly streamlining your workflow. All groups and their associated beds and objects in the mix are embedded in the file, making delivery easy.

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export Dolby Atmos ADM files

Save tons of time with Space Clips

(All versions)

For video game sound designers, dialogue editors, and sound librarians who often import tens of thousands of audio files per project, Space Clips eliminates the mind-numbing grind and time wasted spacing clips apart before getting to work. With a single command, you can separate multiple clips on a track at equal time intervals of your choosing, quickly and easily.

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space clips in Pro Tools

Export QuickTime with an all new Bounce window

(Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate only)

Whether bouncing a final mix, consolidating tracks, or printing stems, the new Bounce window enables you to work more easily than ever before. Create your own presets for frequently-used workflows. Import OP1a audio files. Plus, QuickTime capabilities are back for macOS Catalina users, enabling you to once again export MOV, MP4, M4V, and M4A (AAC) files—critical for audio post workflows.

Pro Tools 2020.11 releases notes

Pro Tools 2020.11 includes an all new dramatic Dark theme, Audio-to-MIDI capabilities, Melodyne 5 essentials, Pro Tools | Carbon support, the ability to distribute clips on your timeline in no time, native support to export ADM files for Dolby Atmos, as well as a host of other improvements and fixes.

Read the release notes

Pro Tools 2020.9 (September 2020)

The September release of Pro Tools 2020 includes several new features and improvements including integrated support for Ableton Link, support for SDII and BW64 filetypes, and a new preference to latch or cancel record enabled tracks.

Play together with Ableton Link

Ableton Link keeps devices in time over a local network. This means you can play together with other musicians using electronic instruments and software just as you would with traditional instruments. Because it’s integrated into Pro Tools, you can forget the hassle of setting up and focus on playing music.

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using Ableton Link with Pro Tools

Auto-cancel previously record-enabled tracks

When you’re in a creative flow, you need to move quickly. But sometimes, you might forget to disable record on a take you want to keep and record over it. Now, a new preference makes sure that never happens again. It allows you to select how Pro Tools behaves when you record-arm an audio, MIDI, or instrument track. So that when you press record, all previously record enabled tracks are automatically disarmed. And you will avoid recording accidents of this nature from here on out.

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how to cancel previously record-enabled tracks in Pro Tools

Improvements to the Avid Cloud platform

Building upon improvements for remote workers introduced in 2020.5, this release introduces further stability enhancements. These fixes and adjustments help keep the platform running smoothly for so many new Avid Cloud and Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration users.

Pro Tools 2020.9 release notes

Pro Tools 2020.9 includes support for SDII and BW64 filetypes as well as a host of improvements and fixes.

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Pro Tools 2020.5 (May 2020)

Tactile control of Folder Tracks

Avid control surfaces now give you full control of Folder Tracks in Pro Tools. Nine new Softkeys, a new Strip command, and new buttons on the Tracks Screen offer full control over opening and closing folders. Literally at the touch of a button.

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control folder tracks in Pro Tools using Control app

Improvements for remote workers

As a result of COVID-19, remote work becomes the new normal. The Avid cloud platform has seen a significant uptick in usage. And many users are navigating uncharted waters, looking for the most efficient remote solutions. To help them, we introduced several stability improvements for users working with Avid cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Pro Tools 2020.5 release notes

Read the release notes to learn more about all the improvements and fixes in Pro Tools 2020.5.

Read the release notes

Pro Tools 2020.3 (March 2020)

Bring focus to your session with Folder Tracks

Take command of large sessions by organizing tracks into collapsible folders, enabling you to work more creatively and productively. Without the distraction of seeing numerous tracks on screen. Arrange, consolidate, and route tracks with drag-and-drop ease. And group folders in folders and color-code them for even easier navigation.

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folder tracks in Pro Tools

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