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Second Annual ACA Vote: The Results Are In!

You voted and we listened. What will Avid deliver in 2018?

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The future is here and the Avid Customer Association (ACA), the world's most influential community of industry professionals, is at the forefront of driving innovation. Thanks to the diligent customer leadership and tremendous growth to over 20,00 members, we have made significant strides in building a deeper partnership with Avid, so that together we can help solve the most pressing challenges that our community is facing. We continued to leverage our impressive growth and the strength of our community to make our collective voice even louder with the launch of the Second Annual ACA Vote.


What We Started...

Last year, the inaugural ACA Vote was a historic milestone with over 8,000 participants, over 4,000 unique organizations, and over 100 countries represented in sharing their priorities on products, solutions, and future focus areas.

The vote proved to be instrumental in understanding what is most important to our community—and what actions Avid should be taking to address needs. The results of the vote have led to tangible action from Avid, with over 80 of the items request from last year already delivered—and more to come. The ACA’s participation and Avid’s delivery are impressive proof points on our unstoppable momentum.

What will Avid deliver in 2018? The results are in!

The items on this year’s vote represented recent feedback and requests from across our community, (ACA leadership, ACA members, online forums, market data, industry analysis, Avid’s product teams and more), as well as existing items carried over from the inaugural vote. The categories included spanned across Avid's workflow solutions, the products that make those workflows possible, and emerging areas.

At the end of the Vote, respondents were directed to the Emerging Trends & Technology in Media ballot, which was underwritten by Devoncroft (Broadcast & Media Technology Market Research, Strategic Consulting, & Analysis). This section included questions about industry trends, projects, budgets, and emerging technologies. This partnership exemplifies the impact that the ACA is having on the industry. Not only is Avid listening, but so is the rest of the industry, the ACA is a force to be reckoned with!

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